Krys' Kreations

Here you can read all the comics drawn by Krys themself (which were obviously still drawn by me because Krys isn't real)


initially published 20.7.21

KK#2 Gertrude's Clock in Winter

initially published 23.7.21

Explanation (from HG Wells' "The Time Machine" wasn't the first story to use a machine for time travel. In 1881 Edward Page Mitchell published the short story "The Clock that Went Backward", in which a 16th century clock was wound backwards to travel to the past. The two main characters inheret the clock from their aunt Gertrude.

In the actual story the clock does not work so changing it to winter time would make no sense but you don't know that so I'll get away with it all.

KK#3 Carpe Diem

initially published 28.7.21

KK#4 Cool

initially published 2.8.21